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The Children are Our Future: So Let’s Welcome Them to the Cloud

Think back to your first day at work. Were you nervous? Did you wonder how you were going to remember everyone’s name, or find the way to the toilet? Probably. Chances are you also had a few concerns about how to work the office computer, send a fax or simply ‘dial 9 for an outside line’.

It’s natural for people to be scared when they’re starting a new job, all the more so if it’s your first ever day grinding away at the coal face. These days, the pressure is even greater as those who start work know that they’re the lucky ones; that they can’t afford to slip up and risk being out of work.

So, how can our education system help prepare pupils for life in the big wide world? How can they ensure they have the best possible chance of success?

Well, one small step might be using cloud based hosted email to get youngsters familiar with the way business communication gets done.

You might be raising an eyebrow now thinking that the younger generations are more tech-savvy than us oldies… and you’d be right. Except that in many cases, young people are now leaping straight past traditional email and communicating via Facebook or SMS instead.

Installing hosted exchange in a school environment means that pupils can practice how to deal with real life office scenarios, using exactly the tools that they are likely to find when they enter the workforce.

What’s more, the fact that cloud services such as hosted email are cheaper and quicker to install than traditional email packages makes them an ideal choice for an education system that is desperate to cut costs and improve efficiency.

I’ve talked about the advantages of cloud platforms such as the Giacom ThinkCloud many times over on this blog. For businesses, increased flexibility, better security and reliability and lower implementation and running costs makes hosted exchange 2010 a no-brainer, but when it comes to increasing efficiency, it’s usually the public rather than the private sector that offers the most room for improvement.
Using hosted email within schools is a simple way to put teachers and students in touch with each other quickly and cost effectively. It can make sharing documents, keeping track of homework, commenting on progress or simply keeping each other updated much more efficient.

Using cloud based hosted exchange also gives students a chance to work where they’re most comfortable – online – and because everything is safely hosted in the cloud, days off or holidays don’t need to mean that pupils are cut off from school, they can easily stay in touch and access information wherever and whenever they need it the most.

So, with a chance to cut costs, improve efficiencies, provide some valuable work experience and give students more control over their education, it seems the cloud could be just as useful in the classroom as it’s proven to be at work. Next stop the headmaster’s office to get things moving cloudwards….

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