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So the news is, whilst it seems that hiring new employees amongst small to medium IT companies in Europe is slowing, the industry has seen a decrease in numbers over the past six months – yet it seems that cloud computing in the same arena is on the increase.

In comparison to other areas of the world, in particular the USA, it seems that Europe is leading the way in cloud based ventures and migration to services such as hosted exchange email, data backup and improved network security.

It all of course, makes complete and utter sense if you think about it. By migrating your business to the Cloud you are enabling your company to be able to decrease the number of employees it has to employ. Five years past you may have needed a dedicated IT or network manager to oversee all things server, email or data based. No longer chums! The Cloud doth provide for you in many different ways.

Not only by removing the necessity of extending your in house staff and therefore reducing your core company costs and overheads, it also provides peace of mind, security and data filtering processes that means you are able to entrust your business system to a secure remote server whilst you are able to get on with the day to day things that matter more.

Now some may argue that perhaps this is detrimental to the economic health of a nation or continent if less people are being employed year on year. This is arguably true but it also means that, thanks to the Cloud and the low-cost efficiency it provides, more and more people and furthermore small companies are able to start their own businesses and enterprises, unleashing a whole new raft of the inner entrepreneurs that live within all of us.

So whilst it does mean a slight shift in the economic landscape it also opens up a whole other world of possibilities and creativity that otherwise may have languished behind many closed IT managers’ office doors in times gone by and that to me sounds like exciting new developments all round that in truth, everyone will benefit from.

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