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4G’s A Jolly Good Network

Now, I don’t want to seem over dramatic but I just can’t help it, it’s in my nature so bear with me on this one. I recently had to go one day without my mobile phone. That’s right party people. ONE. WHOLE. DAY. And dammit, it was hard to deal with.

Mobile Phones

I’m going to put it out there – it wasn’t just hard, it was awful. I felt like I was floating about, isolated in a world of nothingness whilst everyone else in the world was out there having SO MUCH FUN. In my head everyone was chatting away constantly, getting their weekends sorted, making jokes and sending funny pictures to each other. I was an emotional mess.

Luckily then dear reader, I got some perspective. I got a new phone, relaxed and was at one with the world. I am totally fine now * twitch * although clearly I have some issues to deal with. However on another, more sensible note, it made me realise just how plugged in we all are, how constantly connected we are to each other. And whether or not that’s a good thing, I wouldn’t change it.

So, as connectivity grows, it makes complete sense that more and more countries are seeking to roll out 4G mobile technology in order to fuel faster mobile networks and enable quicker data processing and faster mobile internet connections.

And of course there’s a clear reason why the growth of 4G is taking a rapid upward turn in growth and that is the benefit that more technology can bring to business. By having more technology and more advanced network systems you build economic growth and in turn attract investment from other countries. In tough financial times you can see why many nations are investing in such clear-cut positive fiscal outcomes.

True also that as we become more and more mobile enabled and carry around everything we need on hand held devices or tablets, we reap the benefits of growth areas such as 4G and the Cloud and so do our businesses. The better our mobile connections get, the quicker we are able to use our hosted exchange email and cloud data storage wherever we are and whenever we want and as a result, efficiency improves.

So while 4G might seem like a baffling concept to some, it’s really a very simple plan; our mobiles get quicker, we get more work done and our economy thrives. And that’s one personal issue I don’t need to deal with. Now, what’s everyone doing this weekend? Call me, yeah?

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