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The Cloud – The Immaculate Conception?

I tells you, I love Noddy Holder. I love Noddy (nee Neville Holder fact fans) so much I’ve got a Noddy Holder t-shirt which I like to rock out on particularly special occasions, landmark birthday parties and the odd music festival. However there is no better day to be wearing my Noddy t-shirt than on Christmas Day because that’s right people, Noddy IS Christmas and Christmas IS Noddy.

So while lost in my own Slade-orientated, festive reverie, it got me thinking about this time of year, the lovely atmosphere, the non-stop parties, the gift giving and family seeing and it makes me happy. I am grateful for Christmas and the whole month of December – it centres you back round for the rest of the year and also importantly, it’s a brilliant coping mechanism for the frankly awful weather outside.

So while we all gather round to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, I felt it might also be worthwhile mentioning another immaculate conception, the Cloud. Similar to JC (and some might say Noddy himself), no one really knows where it came from, where it is or where it’s going or how all of a sudden it is everywhere. But there’s one thing for sure, it’s a life changer just like the birth of one small baby was over 2000 years ago.

Feel like you need to know more? Well in short, the Cloud is a gift worth giving to yourself and your business. By migrating your company’s data, storage, hosted exchange email and networks to the Cloud, you are freeing yourself up to invest more time in the everyday running and expansion of your work.

By believing in something bigger than what your business can currently achieve, you give yourself to a higher power and more control over your life. You create security, reliability and scalability in a moment’s notice with just a small amount of faith in what Exchange hosting can do for you.

I may be sounding like both a Noddy Holder and a cloud evangelist but I think its time everyone got on board with the potential improvements we can all make to our businesses. Competition out there is fierce and there are few simpler ways of getting ahead of the game than making your company more efficient and future proof.

So spread it around people, get the word out and get those lives a-changing, it’s the season of Noddy out there and I think we should all sing from the same cloud-based song sheet after all, IT’S CHRISTMAS!

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