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In With the New and Out With the Old?


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A recent blog post on Cloud Tweaks detailed how the continued advancements of the Cloud and cloud computing companies are outstripping growth of traditional computing and technology businesses as year on year growth continues to rise at a predicted rate of 80% up to the year 2020.

That’s a lot of clouds growing in the sky right? Yes, yes it is and it’s only going to get bigger.

As we become more and more reliant on the Cloud both in our personal lives and work lives, consumers and businesses are moving more and more of their networks to remote cloud companies, with users favouring mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers, negating the need to have in house servers, localised computer networks and data stored at home or at the office.

So while it seems like a winning situation for the world at large (cloud computing – what’s not to like right?) it will inevitably effect revenue and produce a downturn in the growth and longevity of older technology companies providing software, servers and hardware for those non-clouding people amongst us (although look hard to find these guys – the world is taking to the Cloud by storm).

So what’s the solution for older technology companies? In my mind there is only one solution and it’s transformation. Think Amazon for transforming the way we purchase books, music and films. Think Apple for transforming the way that we listen to music and think the Cloud when it comes to your online life.

It is ultimately evolution at work. Survival of the fittest and only the most efficient ways of working will survive. Ironically it’s by changing old ways of doing business like moving networks to the Cloud and email providers to a company that are cloud based with services such as hosted exchange, that will ultimately aid older technology companies to survive.  And there’s no arguing with the figures. Mobile device sales outstrip PCs and laptops, cloud companies flourish and employment gaps in the cloud computing job sectors continue to grow.

It’s time for the old school to get on board with the new guard and transform old practices to new systems. And there’s only one solution and it rests way up high in the Cloud.

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