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Hosted Email Security

Secure email filtering and archiving

It’s how smart businesses manage email

Giacom™ Email Security is the ultimate hosted email protection service delivering peace of mind, letting you focus on what’s really important… your business.

  • Award-winning ‘Cloud-based’ technology based on Giacom’s ThinkCloud™ platform
  • Efficient and accurate filtering of spam, viruses and unwanted emails
  • Secure message archiving for analysis, compliance and disaster recovery

Giacom™ Email Security is designed for businesses that have an on-site server – Microsoft Exchange or Small Business Server, for example – or any remote POP3 email service. It provides a ring of security around your email, ensuring it remains secure, free from spam, and always there.

Email security console Email Security

Email Security is access from an online control panel providing full access to all account settings and messages.

  Email Security

Emails are indexed and archived in real time for immediate online view or redeliver. Detailed spam scoring data is available on each message.

Hosted anti-spam service

Giacom™ Email Security anti-spam technology goes deep… 90 layers deep, in fact. Using sophisticated investigation techniques including both content and reputation-based scanning you get outstanding results.

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Secure archiving

The Giacom™ Email Security archiving service ensures secure long-term storage of your business emails in geographically diverse datacentres. Efficient search-and-recover capabilities means quick access to any needed emails.

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Email continuity

Smart businesses always have a backup plan. If your primary email fails or requires maintenance, Giacom™ Email Security lets you quickly switch to a hot-standby mail server that allows your colleagues and employees to keep vital lines of communication open.

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Hosted is better

Giacom™ Email Security is secure email management that works in the cloud - email threats are removed at the Internet-level, away from your network. Maximum security, minimum investment of resources. It’s how smart businesses manage email.

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Real-time statistics

Doing business these days requires you to have accurate, up-to-the-minute information. GiacomTM Email Security indexes and archives your emails in real-time and puts graphic usage statistics in your hands to help you manage email efficiently and effectively.

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Control panel access

By accessing Giacom’s ThinkCloud™ platform online, your business has the option of centralised or distributed secure web access to account and mailbox settings. Not only that but the online control panel lets you securely view and resend emails, even those that have been captured as spam or long-term archived.

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Getting started

Giacom™ Email Security can be deployed instantly, with no impact on your existing systems. Secure email management doesn’t get any easier.

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