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Hosted Anti-Spam

Put simply: Giacom™ Email Security stops 99% of spam destined for your network

  • More than 90 intelligent tests on each email
  • Super fast scanning means no email delays
  • Spam held for 14 days for inspection
  • Compatible with any SMTP server

Anti-spam for your business

Giacom™ Email Security makes enterprise-class email filtering available to businesses of all sizes. More than 90 deep and intelligent tests are run on every single email, ensuring that 99% of all spam is identified and removed before it even reaches your network.

Giacom™ Email Security detection process

Screenshot of our Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Premium Security admin console
  1. Boundary Layer Check – checks if the destination email address is valid, otherwise the email is immediately rejected
  2. Vulnerability Detection – identifies mailserver and email client security exploits that have yet to be detected by the anti-virus scanners
  3. AntiVirus Protection – scans email content and attachments to prevent known viruses reaching your inbox
  4. AntiSpam protection – 90+ deep tests intelligently detect spam sent to your Hosted Exchange email addresses

Positive results, zero intervention

A dramatic reduction in email volume comes with absolutely zero user intervention, zero learning and zero delay. Giacom™ Email Security liberates time and resources that you can put back into growing and improving your business.

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Straight away, our client’s problem was almost completed resolved with minimal changes required. They were delighted at how much of a difference Giacom’s Email Security made in a small amount of time. – Richard Alexander, Prism IT

Works with your mailserver

Giacom™ Email Security works at SMTP-level and can connect with all SMTP mailservers, including Microsoft Exchange, Small Business Server, Lotus Notes, iMail, and any hosted email account.

14 day access to spam

The spam destined for your network is available to securely view from any browser. The spam can be viewed, analysed and resent by individual users, or centrally by the master account holder.

Screenshot of our Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Premium Security admin console

Back-scatter filtering

Back-scatter is a by-product of spam. Those who send spam care little if their spam gets to its destination or not, so choose a random but live address to receive any non-deliverable messages. Problems start when they choose your email address.

Giacom’s Back-scatter Filtering System solves this problem by cleverly identifying the various types of non-deliverable messages and eliminates these before they bombard your network.

Independently tested

Giacom™ Email Security has a proven record of excellence, with the accolades to back it up. In the renowned VBSpam awards, hosted by test-industry leader Virus Bulletin, Giacom™ Email Security successfully identified 99% of spam, receiving verification in more than 10 Virus Bulletin’s tests during the past two years.

VirusBullet VBSpam logo

A VBSpam Gold Award is very well deserved. With a spam catch rate of almost 99%, this means that Giacom has achieved its second VBSpam Gold award in a row. – Martijn Grooten, VirusBulletin

The tests were carried out by VirusBulletin’s Martijn Grooten who delivered more than 740,000 emails through Giacom™ Email Security in three week periods.

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Call us on 0845 305 5577 for more information on how we can help your business

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