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Hosted Email Archiving

Giacom™ Email Security is clever. It securely archives only ‘good’ emails, done in the Cloud, and in real-time.

  • Knows what, and what not to archive
  • Efficiently and economically stores messages off-site
  • No ongoing management or maintenance
  • Dual datacentres means added reassurance

Reliable and complete

Giacom’s proven accuracy at detecting the difference between genuine email and spam means you have a reliable and complete archive of every single email that passes in and out of your business.

A secure email record

Emails are archived ahead of your network - automatically, in the Cloud, without your intervention. Get peace-of-mind knowing that copies of your company’s messages are stored securely off-site, and in the event of a data failure or employee dispute Giacom™ Email Security ensures both business continuity and compliance.

Screenshot of our Secure email record admin console

For compliance

Giacom™ Email Security is for businesses concerned with compliance or reducing costs associated with necessary email storage. With Giacom™ Email Security, you get a complete tamper-resistant record of who said what, to whom, and when.

Real-time archiving

In seconds your business email gets indexed, compressed and securely archived at dual geographically independent datacentres. Within the ThinkCloud™ platform you have immediate access to any and all of these archived messages.

Email recovery

View and retrieve one email independently, or group thousands by date from a single email address or across a domain. Giacom™ Email Security gives you the flexibility to recover archived emails quickly and easily.

Screenshot of our Email recovery admin console

Call 0845 305 5577 today for more information on how we can help your business

Call us on 0845 305 5577 for more information on how we can help your business

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