About us

Our Mission: Every small business buys their IT from a local expert technology provider

We believe that by supplying the very best Comms, Cloud, Hardware and Billing solutions to UK organisations, through our network of expert Technology Resellers and Managed Service Providers, we will enable businesses to thrive and contribute to a strong UK economy.

We are people-focused, working together with our brilliant local, expert partners to achieve our mission.

How we're fulfilling our mission

The UK’s most comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions

We are the only provider of Comms, Cloud, Hardware and Billing through one platform.

The best digital provisioning platform

We invest heavily in our digital platform to enable our partners to support their customers and give them the very best experience.

Support from passionate channel experts

Our partners benefit from end-to-end support to help select, sell and provision to grow their businesses and support their customers.

Thinking of becoming a Giacom partner?

If you're an IT Reseller or Managed Service Provider and want access to the UK's largest and best portfolio of IT products, backed by award-winning service then you should become a Giacom partner. 

It's easy.